Is silk washable?

Silk Filled Pillows and Comforters:

  • Perle Silk does not recommend wet cleaning for silk-filled products due to the risk of introducing impurities and clumps. Ask your local dry clean company who had experience wash the silk filled products.
  • Products like silk-filled pillows and throws come with washable removable covers.
  • For spot cleaning, use a mixture of white vinegar, water and silk detergent to remove stains. If you don't have silk detergent, simply use hair shampoo or bath gel as a alternative.
  • Airing the products in the sun for an hour or two once or twice a year helps evaporate residual moisture and maintain fluffiness.
  • Tumble dry on low temperature setting in the dryer to refresh it.

Charmeuse Silk:

  • Charmeuse silk, especially with higher momme counts (e.g., 22 momme), is machine washable and durable. Dry clean is recommended to retain the luster of the fabric longer.
  • Use a cool water setting and the gentlest cycle on your washing machine.
  • Use silk-friendly detergents like Le Blanc Silk and Lingerie Wash.
  • Wash silk items separately from other fabrics.
  • For drying, use the lowest heat setting on the shortest duration possible.
  • Removing silk from the dryer while slightly damp allows it to dry quickly.
  • Dry cleaning is the recommended method for washing silk bedding, ensuring a wrinkle-free and fresh appearance.

These guidelines should help customers take proper care of their silk-filled products and charmeuse silk items.

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